1-to-1 Project

At Atlanta ISD, we use technology as an accelerator of learning. All students in 7th & 8th grade are issued an iPad and high school students are issued a MacBook Air to use in the classroom, collaborate with students and teachers, and to research and do homework assignments. The iPad and MacBook Air will be integral to the way students work in courses across the curriculum as part of the 1-to-1 program.

The program uses digital curriculum materials, student collaboration tools, and individualized instruction with the goal of enhancing student learning. Information for students and parents involved in the program may be found throughout this site.

Atlanta ISD has robust wireless networks to support the 1-to-1 program.

AISD does not require students to have internet access at home. Students may download homework prior to leaving school and submit the following morning. If you opt to have internet access at home, you may use this tool to see a list of providers available at your home.

Why did we choose the iPad for middle school students?

The iPad is the industry standard for tablet computing and by far the most popular choice among schools nationwide. Intuitive, powerful and versatile, iPads help to enhance teaching and learning in myriad ways. Atlanta ISD chose to use the iPad for its design and durability; the benefits it offers for teaching and learning; and the cost, function and utility of the device.

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Why did we choose the MacBook Air for high school students?

As colleges increase their use of online courses, students need discipline to succeed when working independently. Getting laptops in the classroom at the high school level will help teens learn to digitally manage and organize what’s expected of them.

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